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10 Elegant Ways to Furnish Your Home with Art Deco Style

Are you a fan of Art Deco style home decor? With its glamorous and luxurious appeal, Art Deco interior design is a stunning way to transform your home into a masterpiece. Art Deco is a popular home decor style that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s, characterized by bold geometric shapes, sleek lines, and a sense of luxury and glamor. To bring this style into your home, explore 10 elegant ways to furnish with Art Deco decor, including Art Deco lighting, furniture, and accessories.

1.Start with a neutral base

Art Deco style is characterized by bold geometric shapes and rich colors, so a neutral base will help balance the boldness of your decor. Opt for light-colored walls and flooring to create a clean canvas.

2.Choose statement furniture

Art Deco favors sleek lines, geometric shapes, and luxurious materials. Look for statement pieces such as a velvet chaise lounge, mirrored console table, or geometric coffee table.

3.Add bold lighting.

Art Deco style often features dramatic lighting, such as a sleek floor lamp or a pendant light. Look for lighting fixtures with geometric shapes or mirrored surfaces to complement your space.

4.Incorporate mirrors

Art Deco style often features mirrors, which create a sense of depth and glamour. Consider adding a statement mirror to your space, or incorporating mirrored surfaces into your furniture or decorative elements.

5.Embrace bold colors

Art Deco interiors often feature bold colors such as black, white, gold, and silver, as well as bright jewel tones like emerald green, sapphire blue, and ruby red.  Incorporate these colors into your space through accent walls, textiles, and accessories.

6.Use luxurious materials

Art Deco is associated with luxury and glamour, so consider adding luxurious touches to your space, such as a velvet sofa or a crystal chandelier.

7.Add architectural details

Moldings, arches, and decorative paneling can all add to the glamour and luxury of your home. Incorporate architectural details to create a cohesive Art Deco-inspired space.

8.Mix and match patterns and textures

Don’t be afraid to mix bold stripes, geometric prints, and plush velvets to create a sophisticated atmosphere.

9.Finish with glamorous accessories

Art Deco style embraces bold and glamorous accents such as metallic sculptures, beaded fringe curtains, and plush velvet throw pillows. Add these finishing touches to create a truly luxurious space.

10.Keep it sleek and streamlined

Above all, Art Deco is known for its sleek, streamlined look. Avoid clutter and unnecessary decoration, and focus on creating a space that is elegant, sophisticated, and visually striking.

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