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Evrim T.

Hello, I'm Evim. I am the owner and founder of Longado Store. I am a photographer and graphic designer with a deep love for retro and nostalgic. I started the Longado store to help them create unique, stylish wall art that really reflects the individuality of people in their living spaces. Personally, I believe that having a personal and private living space is incredibly important for our mental health, so I started my blog to share my ideas and inspirations about home decoration. I really enjoy connecting with my readers in the comments section and I am always excited to hear your thoughts and ideas!

I am an Amazon Affiliate on My Blog!

Hello dear readers, Today, I have an exciting announcement to share with you. My blog is now an Amazon affiliate, which means I will be providing...


Hi there, I’m Evrim and I’m excited to share with you how my passion for creating beautiful designs led to the creation of LONGADO, my Etsy...