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Hi there, I’m Evrim and I’m excited to share with you how my passion for creating beautiful designs led to the creation of LONGADO, my Etsy shop for wall art and home decoration.


As a lover of photography and graphic design, I have always been drawn to the beauty of the 70s wall art and retro styles. These vintage designs have a timeless appeal that adds a unique touch of personality to any living space. This is why I decided to focus on creating art prints, wall prints, vintage posters, and posters with a retro feel that would bring joy and character to people’s homes.


The pandemic brought about a challenging time for my profession, but it also allowed me to discover Etsy, an online marketplace that gave me the opportunity to showcase my art and reach a wider audience. Thus, LONGADO was born.

My vision for LONGADO is to be a trusted name in the world of wall art and home decoration. I believe that everyone should have access to quality and unique art that can transform their living space, and I am determined to make this a reality through my personalized designs.


My slogan “We customize your living spaces” reflects my commitment to creating designs that truly represent the unique style and personality of each individual. Whether you are looking for a bold statement piece or a subtle accent to complement your decor, I have something for everyone.

So if you’re a fan of 70’s wall art, retro styles, and vintage posters, I recommend checking out LONGADO for their amazing designs. Thank you for joining me on this journey


Evrim T.

Hello, I'm Evim. I am the owner and founder of Longado Store. I am a photographer and graphic designer with a deep love for retro and nostalgic. I started the Longado store to help them create unique, stylish wall art that really reflects the individuality of people in their living spaces. Personally, I believe that having a personal and private living space is incredibly important for our mental health, so I started my blog to share my ideas and inspirations about home decoration. I really enjoy connecting with my readers in the comments section and I am always excited to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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